8 Ways to Grow Your Online Business with a Website

8 Ways to Grow Your Online Business with a Website


Your business website is the most potent tool in your arsenal as you try to devise a growth strategy. It is the center of all your marketing activities. Everything you do to promote your product or services redirects customers to the website. Whether you are responsible for social media, podcasts, advertisements, all of it is usually designed to send traffic to the site.


To make the website convert all this traffic into potential buyers, it should communicate what the business is, what it does, and who can use it. Below are the eight most effective ways to enable your website to do just this.


1. Modern, Accessible, and Mobile-Friendly Design


Keep your website design pleasant and functional. Did you know 52% of all website traffic originates from mobile phones? So, keep mobile-friendly protocols in mind when you’re designing your website. Optimize your entire content, inventory, and web design for smaller screens. Similarly, to reach a wide range of audience for your online business, work on making the website design accessible. Use colors, icons, and brand identity of your online business so differently-abled people can also easily access the website and make purchases.


2. Be Easily Findable: Add a Contact Form


Make it easy for users to contact you. The more easily reachable you are, the more potential customers you get. These customers can be people who buy from you as well as other businesses looking for affiliate program opportunities.

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A simple contact form with a modern design will suffice for this purpose. Most website building platforms offer contact form plug-ins that you can use to add a contact form on your site. It tells people that you’re available, reachable, and also helps you generate useful leads.


3. Make Payments Secure and Smooth


If you run an eCommerce store, and are unable to provide secure online payments, achieving your money-making goal will be nearly impossible. While having at least one online payment method on your site is required, having multiple will put you on an advantage.


Some of the best most secure payment methods that industry experts recommend using are PayPal, Amazon Pay, Due, Stripe, and Payoneer, among others.


4. No Unnecessary Sign-ups, Pop-ups, or other Hurdles


Make it easy for your customers to complete their transactions on your website. We’ve all seen sites that require signing up to make purchases or book orders, and nobody likes them. The worst thing you can do during purchase is to add hurdles to the buying process. Think of alternatives. Instead of sign-ups, allow users to check-out as guests.  If your check-out process is lengthy, divide it into phases and tell people how many steps are remaining.


Make it easy for people to do business with you through a cohesive buyer’s journey.


5. Design a Content Marketing Strategy


Content marketing is a process of crafting original and relevant content that attracts the targeted markets. Authority articles, helpful posts, and expert tips and advice help you establish your website as a source for authentic and valuable information.


The easiest way to start building your content is by adding a blog to your website. Every major web building platform offers this option. So add your blog, introduce categories, add tags, and start marketing your content.


6. Invest in PPC Ads


Pay-Per-Click ads have a high success rate of directing serious buyers to potential websites. According to statistics, among the people looking to buy a product through an online search, 65% of them click a paid ad.

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PPC ads on Google are not only useful in bringing in more business, but they also help increase brand awareness. To make the most of your PPC ads, invest in your website landing page too. Make sure that the design/language on the ad and the landing page is uniform, and the page contains all the information a potential buyer would need to finish a purchase. Also, create a separate landing page for each of the unique ads.


7. Connect with Google Analytics


Always connect your website with Google Analytics. It takes a bit of work to understand what the reports are saying, but for the most part, the dashboard is easy to follow and understand. Also it tells you all you need to make data-driven decisions. It neatly presents crucial information, such as who your customers are, where they are coming from, and what they do when on your website, in a highly organized way.


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When it comes to making decisions for your brand’s growth, Google Analytics takes the guesswork out of the equation.


8. Leverage Social Media


Social media is where everyone – including your competition – is on. Brands, big and small, use social media to promote and market themselves. People are more likely to recommend brands to each other on social media, make purchase-decision following their posts, and even follow brands.


So, be present on social media. Post daily and insert a link to your website (product page, blog link, whichever is appropriate for the occasion) every time you do so. Create an engaging social media presence and let people see your brand character.  Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, all have encouraging stats when it comes to business growth. So use it to its fullest potential and see what it can do for your business.


Over to You


Your business will grow with time. However, if all of the above steps are in place, you can rest assured that you’ve set up a path of success for your website and your venture. As you continue growing, keep making necessary and relevant changes to your website too, so it is always prepared and ready to take on more business.


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